About Us

Who we are

Component Singapore is the exclusive distributor of the highest quality branded Personalised Mobility Devices. PMD such as Electric scooters, Electric Unicycles, Electric skateboards and Hoverboards.
Our products include Renowned brands from all over the world. Good quality products that suit different consumer needs so that we are not restricted by limited options. We will constantly be sourcing out for new products for our local PMD Communitie
Some high-ended PMDs can be expensive so we do offer attractive installment plan for consumers who are really keen to own one PMD but has financial constraints. For Installment details please refer to Installment page or contact us directly.

Our Services

We provide reasonable price with high quality products that will not disappoint our valued customers. All scooters are well tested and experimented before we handle over to you. All the way from Uniwheel PMD to Four-wheels skateboards, our options are limitless. From light scooter for neighborhood commute to high battery capacity scooters for long distance travel to work, we have it all covered.

We provide rental services for users who need PMDs for work, delivery or leisure purpose. For more information, please refers to Rental Page.

We guarantee that all PMDs will be covered under warranty and riders not have to worry about any product issues. Be assured that after the warranty is over, we will be glad to provide excellent after sale services.

Our Mission

PMD is often called the “Last Mile Solution” for a reason, especially in Singapore. From our houses to the train station or bus-stop, we often need to walk 5-15mins. These PMDs is definitely the ideal device to save our energy and time.
For peak hours, taking a transport could be a huge headache and using a PMD could even be a faster commute solution. At Component Singapore, we hope to provide the solution to these daily problems and at the same time promoting a Greener Singapore by motivating more to reduce carbon footprint.

Our Solution

Consumers’ needs vary, from young to old. We have small and light devices for teenagers, their main purpose could be for entertainment. We also know that they are a group of users who need long mileage scooters for work purpose, so we bring in scooters that can travel up to 100km.
Lastly, some love PMDs as a hobby so we source for cool and stylish products. We hope that our devices will bring fun and joy for the users while we continue to do better.

Our Vision

We have enough stress on work and other issues, so we don’t want to be stressed over other things such as traffic jam and pollution. We want to achieve a city where the citizens are environmentally friendly and live in a happier country.
We might be a small company but our vision will not stop growing. We vision Singapore as a greener city where there are lesser cars on the road. Let’s do our part before Singapore become a traffic jam city like some others. Choose your favorite PMD and start having some fun.